All classes are currently held at the "O" building, 232 SE Oak st. Portland, OR.  RSVP required at least 24 hours before class at

Please arrive 5 minutes early to be let into the building. We practice with social distance, masks, and  extra sanitation precautions. Maximum capacity is 3 students. Private sessions are also available.


Motion Mondays are a public event held at Rainbow City, 21 SE 11th ave. With masks an social distance of course.

now  available for parties, workshops,  and events !

Yoga and Dreams is now partnering with Yoga Magick to bring you more yoga, more dreams, and more magic!

  Yoga for Strength

This class is focused on building strength, hence you may find it a bit challenging.  Also there are a few stairs to navigate to get to the space. A practice based on traditional Hatha yoga, this one may get you sweaty.  You can work out, meditate, and stay after for our dream conversation group. Most classes at this studio are offered by donation. Come join the fun!

    These classes are ideal for those who want to explore the meditative aspects of yoga.  We will do a few simple warm up movements and then just relax and meditate.  We will discuss various techniques, take some guided journeys, use pranayama, mudras, mantras, and yantras.  Each week will be different. Experience the power of group meditation!  Also please note there are a few stairs to navigate to get to the space.   Donate only what you can afford.

    If you are interested learning more about the benefits of yoga, join one of our free introductory classes!  Yes, you can expect to increase flexibility, strength, balance and general well being, but you may be surprised at how fun it is!  Our classes are focused on creating your own practice, working at your own pace and level, gradually expanding your abilities.  It should feel good before, during, and after!   

    You will get to know your body better, learning how to keep it functioning in optimal health. You don't need to twist your body into a pretzel, or even be able to touch your toes in order to begin a safe, enjoyable practice. Even if you are familiar with yoga, you can deepen your practice, because our classes cater to all levels. You can learn techniques that will help you cope with stress, expand your mind, and increase cardiovascular health. You may even find inner peace and lengthen your life!



 Stay flexible!